Makom 60

In recognition of JCUA’s 60th anniversary,  we are launching a campaign to fuel our work to build a multiracial democracy.

JCUA brings the Jewish communities of Chicago and Illinois together to pursue justice. Rooted in Jewish values and history, we organize our people and institutions to confront systemic inequality and oppression — building a region where everyone can flourish. We are guided by the belief that our safety as Jews is bound up in the safety of all our neighbors, that the work to end antisemitism is deeply connected to the work to end racism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hatred.

JCUA creates vital opportunities for Jews and our neighbors to connect, learn, and take action together. Working with diverse community partners in multiracial, multi-faith coalitions, we win grassroots campaigns that change systems and bring material improvements to people’s lives. Through this work, we build the mutual understanding and solidarity that ensures our communities support and safeguard each other.

Many Jews are feeling isolated and fearful about the future. At a time of rising antisemitism — when it is so important to stay in relationship — JCUA’s mission and approach has never been more essential.

We are proud to share that in recognition of JCUA’s 60th anniversary, we are launching the Makom 60 campaign to fuel our work to build a multiracial democracy where Jews along with all of our neighbors are safe. The word Makom has many meanings — connoting a sense of place, a safe haven, and the divine; it is an encapsulation of the way JCUA understands our unique mission.

Through this campaign, we are strategically expanding JCUA’s antisemitism and antiracism education, deepening our community-building, and strengthening our grassroots organizing. We will meet this challenging moment and pave the way for a better future; we invite you to join us.

Our Plan For Impact

JCUA is scaling up our one-of-a-kind antisemitism and antiracism education and training programs.
JCUA is deepening relationships within the Jewish community and with our neighbors.
JCUA is advancing grassroots campaigns that make Chicago and Illinois safer and more equitable.

Join JCUA's Community Circle

Support JCUA’s 60th Anniversary campaign by helping us match a $250,000 transformative gift. Individuals who contribute $1,000 or more will become part of our Community Circle, which includes access to special webinars and discussions, tickets to Acts of Change, free and discounted merchandise, and more.

To learn more, contact Brian Gladstein, JCUA Deputy Director at