Mission, Vision & Values


JCUA is the Jewish voice for social justice in Chicago. We combat poverty, racism, and antisemitism in partnership with Chicago’s diverse communities.


JCUA seeks to transform Chicago into an equitable city free of antisemitism, racism, and poverty by organizing the Jewish community as a powerful, leading voice for social justice.

Core Values

Justice (Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof)
Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue. This prophetic message is carried forward and acted upon through JCUA’s work. As Jews we are called upon to take action through the pursuit of justice.

JCUA’s work is driven by our faith tradition and the history of the Jewish people. We remember that we have been strangers, and that the Jewish community’s own history of oppression compels us to stand with all people who face oppression today.

JCUA builds relationships both within and outside the Jewish community to urge people to action, organizing in coalition with communities that face systemic marginalization.

Systemic Change
JCUA’s work is directed at the root causes of social injustices, rather than the results or consequences of the systems that perpetuate them.

Collective Responsibility
Our tradition teaches us that all Jews are responsible for one another. JCUA interprets this teaching as a call to action. We are all connected to each other, particularly in our own city; we have a responsibility to create a just world for everyone in it.

Racial Equity
JCUA is committed to an anti-racism framework that moves racial equity to the forefront of our work.