How JCUA built its power for economic justice with the Fair Tax campaign

We are so proud of what our community accomplished and the power we’ll carry forward.

  • We identified 4,700+ Fair Tax supporters across the state, smashing our initial goal of 2,800
  • We collected 768 signatures on the JCUA virtual pledge card
  • We organized 50 phone and text-banking sessions between April-October 2020
  • We canvassed at 28 farmers’ markets in the city and northern suburbs
  • We gave 22 presentations about Fair Tax at congregations and institutions
  • We got out the vote with 15 phone-banking sessions and 48 canvassing shifts
  • We engaged more than 130 JCUA members in the campaign

Jonathan (he/him) joined the staff in 2019, where he leads JCUA’s organizational communications and supports messaging and strategy for JCUA’s organizing campaigns. He previously worked as a journalist in the Washington D.C. area, where he grew up. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his cat Sky, playing guitar and violin, and biking around the city.