Call Congress for a Clean DREAM Act

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Call Your Legislators To Say

Last week JCUA had it kick-off immigration committee meeting, and members agreed to focus on passing a Clean DREAM Act through Congress. Please call your IL Congressional Delegation and urge them to support a Clean DREAM Act before the end of 2017, with no additional funding or provisions for the criminalization of immigrants and refugees.

Call Your Members of Congress

Immigration has been moved to the back burner of the congressional agenda – we need to bring it back front and center by flooding their offices with calls all of this week. Congress needs to know: we will not allow any budget measure or continuing resolution to pass without the passage of a clean DREAM Act in 2017.

Sen. Dick Durbin – Washington Office: (202) 224-2152
Sen. Tammy Duckworth – Washington Office:  (202) 224-2854

If you live in either the 10th District or the 6th District we are focusing on your State Reps as well!

10th District – State Rep. Brad Schneider (202) 225-4835
6th District – State Rep. Peter Roskam (202) 225-4561

If you are not sure which district you live in, you can find your State Rep using the button on the right.