Call On Your State Representatives to Make Illinois Welcoming for All!

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SB 3488 “No Registry” Passes the Senate:
Take Action for a Welcoming Illinois!

Today SB 3488, a bill that bans any registry program in Illinois that singles out people based on race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin or religious belief, passed the Illinois Senate!

This means all three of our #Welcoming IL bills are now in the House.
How can you take action with JCUA to get these bills passed?

1. Call your legislators in the Illinois House and ask them to cosponsor SB 3488 (No Registry), SB 35 (Safe Zones) and SB 34 (VOICES Act). Follow these steps:

Find your State Representative
Call your Rep. Click here for a script.

Fill out JCUA’s Report Back Form and let us know how it went!

2. Join JCUA and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) for the last Lobby Day of the session!

We are calling on our State Representatives to pass SB 3488 (No Registry), SB 35 (Safe Zones) and the SB 34 (VOICES Act), to make Illinois welcoming for all.
Tuesday, May 22
Full day commitment!
Click to RSVP and for more info

3. Join JCUA for a pre-Springfield phone bank.

Call your Representatives and urge fellow members from your districts to do the same before we go down to Springfield on May 22. We want our legislators to know we’re coming and that we need their support!

Wednesday, May 16
5:00 – 7:30 PM
4700 N. Ravenswoood

Click to RSVP and for more info

4. Submit witness slips for SB 34 and SB 35!

 This is a quick and effective way to support these bills, and it’s time sensitive so please submit today!