How Desolate Lie Our Borders

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Tisha B’Av is often considered the most somber day on the Jewish calendar.It’s the day we mourn the destruction of the holy temples of ancient Jerusalem. It’s the day we recount the tragedies Jews have experienced throughout our history: demonization, eviction, pogroms and genocide. It’s the day we reflect on the corrosive power of sinat …

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Making Chicago a true “sanctuary city”

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As part of a collaboration with Temple Sholom’s Makom community group, JCUA’s Emily Isaacson delivered the following remarks about our immigration work within the city of Chicago. When Donald Trump says he wants to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities across the country, I want to be proud that Chicago is on the list, that …

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#ErasetheDatbase Campaign Update

Categories: #ErasetheDatabase, Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform

Hello! I wanted to update you on our organizing work with the campaign to #EraseTheDatabase. As a reminder, we are working with the Campaign to Expand Sanctuary, as part of the Immigration Policy Working Group, to eliminate the use of the Chicago Gang Database. The Gang Database is a tracking and targeting tool for people of …

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