#ErasetheDatbase Campaign Update

Categories: #ErasetheDatabase, Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform

Hello! I wanted to update you on our organizing work with the campaign to #EraseTheDatabase. As a reminder, we are working with the Campaign to Expand Sanctuary, as part of the Immigration Policy Working Group, to eliminate the use of the Chicago Gang Database. The Gang Database is a tracking and targeting tool for people of …

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Call On Your State Representatives to Make Illinois Welcoming for All!

Categories: Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform, JCUA Campaigns
SB 3488 “No Registry” Passes the Senate: Take Action for a Welcoming Illinois! Today SB 3488, a bill that bans any registry program in Illinois that singles out people based on race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin or religious belief, passed the Illinois Senate! This means all three of our #Welcoming IL bills are now in the …

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