#ErasetheDatbase Campaign Update

Categories: #ErasetheDatabase, Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform

Hello! I wanted to update you on our organizing work with the campaign to #EraseTheDatabase. As a reminder, we are working with the Campaign to Expand Sanctuary, as part of the Immigration Policy Working Group, to eliminate the use of the Chicago Gang Database. The Gang Database is a tracking and targeting tool for people of color across Chicago, and because of an exception in Chicago’s Welcoming City Ordinance, it can put undocumented folks in the database at an increased risk of detention and deportation. Click for more info about the Chicago Gang Database.


  • Ald. Ricardo Munoz, the chief sponsor of the #EraseTheDatabase ordinance in City Council, was arrested for an incident of domestic violence on New Year’s Eve. After this information came out, the coalition chose to take a step back from attempting to pass this ordinance with the current city council.
  • While we are stepping back from the ordinance at the city level, we are moving ahead with attempting to pass a similar ordinance at the Cook County level. Commissioner Alma Anaya has introduced an ordinance to Regulate the Regional Gang Intelligence Database in Cook County.
  • We recently learned that Sheriff Tom Dart is claiming that the County Database has already been decommissioned as of January 15th. While this may be a piece of a victory, if it is true, we are still working to pass Comm. Anaya’s ordinance which calls for a full investigation of the contents, creation, and use of the database, and calls for no databases to be created in its place. This updated ordinance allows us to understand the full impact and scope of the database and ensure a similar tracking tool is not reinstated in its place. Click here to read more.

We will be meeting with our Cook County Commissioners to discuss why Comm. Anaya’s ordinance is still crucial for ensuring the safety of Cook County residents into the future.

With the municipal elections coming up at the end of February, this is a critical time for us to ensure that candidates in Chicago are taking a stand against the Gang Database. The Campaign to Expand Sanctuary and the Immigration Policy Working Group put together a series of voter guide images to show where some of the mayoral candidates stand on #EraseTheDatabase as well as the campaign to eliminate the carve outs in the Welcoming City Ordinance – check those out here!

If you have any questions,  if you are interested in taking part in the meetings with Cook County Commissioners, or you just want to get more involved our immigration justice campaign work – Email Anna at anna@jcua.org.