Defund CPD Right to Recovery Town Hall

July 21, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Since March JCUA has participated in Right to Recovery; a coalition of grassroots organizations, progressive elected officials, and communities in Chicago to demand our Mayor and our Governor make the humane choice to put our people over profit in response to the historic Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

In that time our Right to Recovery has contributed to multiple state and city-wide actions to get policy passed around our right to relief for housing, education, wellness, and racial equity. After the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, Right to Recovery moved to adopt the Black Abolitionist Network’s list of demands. Join the Right to Recovery coalition on July 21st, at 6pm for an in-depth political and strategic discussion around how we can all be included in the fight to defund the police in Chicago.

This is an opportunity to better understand this current moment and learn more about the anti-racist, abolitionist struggle that millions of people have engaged in.

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