Upcoming Events

JCUA stays busy! Join us for an upcoming committee meeting, training, special event, coalition gathering, and more.

Nonviolent Direct Action Training

Sketchpad 4411 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, United States

JCUA is holding our second ever training on Non-Violent Direct Action! No matter how the Chicago municipal elections go, we'll have work to do to win housing, dignity for immigrants, mental healthcare, and safety for all. Join us to learn about an important way we can fight for our values. This training is meant to […]

Organizing 101

Sketchpad 4411 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, United States

Please join us for JCUA's annual Organizing 101 training! Organizing 101 will cover the foundational skills and concepts around community organizing: power analysis, values, relationships, self-interest; one-on-ones, and our connections as Jews. This training is a great opportunity to learn and practice core organizing skills, meet other JCUA members, and gain a better understanding of our methods […]

Racial Justice Training

Sketchpad 4411 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, United States

On July 9, we are holding our 2023 Racial Justice Training for JCUA members. This annual training is led by a multiracial team of staff and leaders. It is targeted to white Jews and Jews of Color who are looking to strengthen their skills to combat racism and dismantle white supremacy within themselves, their work […]

Restorative Justice Training

Sketchpad 4411 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, United States

join us for JCUA's first ever Restorative Justice Training! We will cover what Restorative Justice is, how it relates to our organizing work, and develop the skills to implement restorative practices both in the JCUA community and our daily lives. Breakfast and lunch will be proided! Please fill out the application to indicate interest in […]

Organizing Basics Training


Join JCUA for a condensed version of our Organizing 101 training! What do we mean when we say "power"? Why are relationships and self interest central to community organizing? What are 1:1s and what are best practices for organizing? If you're new to community organizing or want a refresher on some terms and skills, this […]

Community Safety Series: Naloxone Training

Sketchpad 4411 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, United States

Join us for the first Community Safety Training where we will learn how to safely use Naloxone in emergencies! We are here to keep each other safe and this is one of many life-affirming skills to learn. This training will be facilitated by Live4Lali, a volunteer-based organization dedicated to "minimizing the overall health, legal, and […]

Building Your Base for Power Training

Sketchpad 4411 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL, United States

Join us for a three hour training to learn how to build JCUA's power by building your own base! We will be discussing - what do we mean when we say "power"? How do you build your own base of leaders? How do we bring others into deeper engagement in our work? - and more! […]

JRC Antisemitism and White Supremacy Training

Jewish Council on Urban Affairs is partnering with JRC to offer their "Intersections of Antisemitism and White Supremacy" training to members of the congregation. In this interactive training, participants will unpack how antisemitism works as a structure of oppression, and how it is connected to other forms of oppression. We’ll talk about concrete strategies for […]

Nonviolent Direct Action Training

This training will give JCUA members the theoretical background, skills, and grounding necessary to participate in nonviolent direct actions. You'll learn about different kinds of direct actions, engage with political theories on nonviolent direct action, learn how to plan and execute powerful and strategic actions, and practice crucial skills and scenarios. Attending the training is […]