Holiness Through Action

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Every Hanukkah we hear about expelling shadows, about shining in the darkness, about being the light, about miracles and making a difference. And indeed, these are all important messages.

In times that are so troubled, it is important for us to be a light, and this is the work that JCUA does every day. When many of our friends and neighbors, our own communities and families, people we work with or pray with or live with, face unspeakable racism, oppression and bigotry, JCUA and its passionate members stand up for the Jewish values we believe in. And when this hatred comes from some in our own government and police, those who are meant to protect us and serve us, we need to shine even brighter.

Let us not forget though, that we must also look inward. This Hanukkah, think about your own life. What is a light in your life, and how do you share it? What darkness can you find in yourself, and how can you expel it? How will you recommit yourself to acting on your Jewish values to stand with all those facing discrimination today?

The rabbinic sage Hillel taught that we should light one more candle each night of Hanukkah, thereby showing that holiness increased each day of the Hanukkah miracle. Through our actions, we have the power to increase the holiness in our world and to reduce the metaphorical darkness in which we find ourselves.

One action you can take today is giving to a cause that inspires you, a cause like JCUA. Please join me in making an end of year gift to JCUA today.

Thank You,

Rabbi Frederick Reeves