JCUA Condemns Latest Executive Order

Categories: JCUA Statement

The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs condemns today’s revised executive order, which only solidifies this administration’s reputation for using fear and hate to govern. Scapegoating immigrant and Muslims under the guise of national security is dangerous and morally reprehensible.

Our own history of oppression as Jews shows us what happens when people turn their backs on marginalized communities, when we let fear and ignorance guide our actions. Our tradition asks us to safeguard the dignity and inclusion of the vulnerable because we understand vulnerability, and because our lot is bound with that of our neighbor. We are responsible for each other.

We will continue to fight back against Islamophobia, bigotry, oppression, hate, fear and any order or policy from our presidential administration that undermines our most cherished values. As Jews, as Chicagoans, as Americans and as people, we elevate our shared humanity.