JCUA Hosts Public Meeting To Take Action for Police Accountability in Chicago

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Chicago’s Jewish community will come together to hear testimonials from people impacted by police misconduct and community leaders calling for community based police oversight.


CHICAGO, IL – On Sunday, April 2nd, more than 250 people will gather at KAM Isaiah Israel in Hyde Park for Out From The Narrows, a Passover community meeting. Testimonials will be provided by family members of individuals killed by the CPD and religious and community leaders will explain how and why members of the Jewish community from across Chicago should take action for police accountability. JCUA is allied with the newly announced Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA), a community organization advocating for increased transparency within the force and an expanded, permanent place at the table for community members and concerned citizens to be genuinely heard, consulted for input and communicated with to develop and monitor improvements.

After decades of misconduct by members of the Chicago Police Department, tensions between communities, police, and politicians have reached a boiling point. As a new presidential administration shakes up government agencies like the Department of Justice, our city risks descending further into instability and danger. The Jewish community has an opportunity to make a difference at this crucial time for police accountability.

JCUA Member Dr. Steven Rothschild explains why the Jewish community should be involved in a recently published Sun Times oped: “As I read about our executive branch’s tacit acceptance of police misconduct and anti-Semitic hate crimes, I recognize that these two injustices are inextricably connected. The vulnerability I feel in this moment as a Jew gives me greater understanding of the vulnerability felt by people of color across the United States when they encounter the police.” Speakers below will be available for comment:


  • Stacey Robey – Sister of Michele Robey, killed by police in early February.
  • Arewa Karen Winters – Aunt of 16 year old Pierre Loury, killed by police last April.

Community and Religious Leaders:

  • Adam Gross – Director of BPI Chicago’s Justice Reform Program
  • Pastor Ron Taylor – Executive Director of the United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations
  • Rabbi Frederick Reeves – KAM Isaiah Israel
  • Rabbi Lauren Henderson – Mishkan Chicago
  • Rabbi Craig Marantz – Emanuel Congregation

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