JCUA Statement on Tree of Life Tragedy

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JCUA stands with the Tree of Life Congregation, the city of Pittsburgh, and all those affected by the horrific tragedy that unfolded yesterday morning. 11 people were murdered – another devastating example of the hate and antisemitism that is being spread across our country.

For 54 years we have been building deep, ongoing relationships with leaders and organizations across the city, sometimes with people who have never before worked alongside Jews. This is the way we combat antisemitism on a local level, through work in partnership with grassroots coalitions, organizations and campaigns across the city. The Tree of Life tragedy strengthens our conviction that we are all – in Dr. King’s words – tied in a single garment of destiny. JCUA is renewing and intensifying our commitment to fighting all forms of oppression – we will not stand idly by as one more life is lost, one more family torn apart, one more community devastated by baseless hatred. We will continue to stand in solidarity with Jews across our country, as well as Muslims, People of Color, immigrants, LGBTQ and all communities targeted by ignorance and prejudice, to say enough is enough.