Kevin Coval: “Make Your Voice Heard With Or Tzedek”

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From the desk of Kevin Coval,
Artistic Director at Young Chicago Authors:

Did you catch my interview last month on The Daily Show? I was talking about growing as  an artist,  an activist, and an accomplice in the fight for social justice.  I talked about the power of story-telling, which was given to me in part by my Jewish upbringing.

I spoke of the moment we are experiencing in Chicago right now, where the voices of resistance are louder than ever, and so many of those voices are the passionate, unapologetic, and unwavering voices of the young. And we need more of them. I believe in this working I believe this work needs you.

Please consider being apart of JCUA’s Or Tzedek Teen Institute for Social Justice, which teaches youth to use their voice to agitate and organize others, and unflinchingly call for a more just world. I have worked with Or Tzedek teens on several occasions and believe in their power and influence.

If you have not yet done a program like this, join this summer. Make your voice heard and be a leader in this movement.