Meet JCUA’s New Development Associate – Matt!

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Hello! My name is Matt Teitelbaum and I’m absolutely thrilled to have recently joined the staff at JCUA as a Development Associate. I moved to Chicago in April of 2018 looking for new opportunities after graduating from college in Baltimore, Maryland with a double major in political science and public relations. JCUA immediately stood out as the perfect place for me to contribute to my new community as a young professional and activist.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my personal and political values are extremely important to me. Consequently, doing work that reflects those values is a crucial pillar of my life and my personal identity. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity to incorporate my values and beliefs into my daily life at JCUA.

While attending university in Baltimore, I built a strong reputation as an advocate for political engagement and leadership among my peers. I served as the president of my school’s chapter of College Democrats and was later elected president of the College Democrats of Maryland. Serving in those roles gave me opportunities to build coalitions and speak truth to power on a regular basis throughout my studies. I worked with major political campaigns in the areas of communications, field organizing and fundraising.

These experiences filled me with confidence in my ability to be an asset to social justice seeking campaigns and organizations. I can think of no better place to continue growing as an activist than JCUA with their steadfast commitment to undermining systems of oppression.   

I can hardly express how excited I am to be a part of an organization that shares my values so deeply in all aspects of their work. I am truly grateful that JCUA has given me a role to play in a  new environment after a major transition period in my life that was undeniably jarring. I look forward to incorporating my work into my ever-evolving identity and vice versa as I begin to immerse myself in the Chicago Jewish Community and its social justice advocates.