Mobilize Chicago Over MLK Weekend

Categories: JCUA Project and Campaign Endorsements, Or Tzedek / Teen Program

Wondering what doing local social justice looks like?

Here are 5 Activities you might do as a Mobilize Chicago Teen!


  1. Meet with a Representative

    Get your message out there! Meet with a local representative working hard to make change in the city. Tell them about the issues important to you, and learn about the best ways to reach your own representatives.

  2. Contextualize Your Direct Service

    Love to volunteer? Teens will get a chance to give back while learning about systemic poverty in the city as we bring a new understanding to service work at a local community organization. Find out what helps–and what hurts–and how to have the greatest impact in service work.

  3. Learn the Art of Canvassing

    Did you know that some Rabbis consider voting to be a religious obligation? Take to the streets and register people to vote, and learn how to quickly engage community members around a specific issue.

  4. Build A Community

    From our homebase at a house in Lincoln Park, we will create a Kehillah Kedoshah, a holy community, with teens from across Chicagoland. Cook delicious meals, create meaningful relationships, and share stories and experience about Jewish identity, adulthood, and social activism.

  5. Explore Chicago and Jewish Social Justice History

    Why is Chicago so segregated? What is White Flight? How have Jews fought for racial and economic justice in my own city? Get a hands on history lesson as we visit social justice historical sites and learn about how activists are continuing to work towards social justice in Chicago today.


Mobilize Chicago, in partnership with JUF Springboard and TOV Teens, is a social justice immersion program focused on local Chicago issues over MLK weekend: January 11-15, 2018. From a home base in the city, teens will have hands-on access to different urban social justice organizations and will spend MLK weekend actively pursuing the Jewish values of social justice and tikkun olam, repairing the world. While digging into the history of Chicago’s unique social issues, teens will explore how both Chicagoans and Jews work to dismantle structural inequality. The program is designed to give space for Jewish teens to dive deep into complex issues and get a taste of working for social justice. LEARN MORE AND APPLY