Are you passionate about working for social justice in Chicago?
Interested in using Jewish values to repair the world?
Want to learn how to organize your community and build power?

Then apply for:


This one-of-a-kind social justice initiative for college-aged young folks teaches community organizing through a Jewish lens and provides hands-on experience working on local issues. Fellows develop and strengthen their Jewish social justice identities, while building organizing skills to combat the root causes of inequality in our city and create real systemic change. Meet the 2020-2021 Fellows.

Program Goals

  • Educate college-aged young Jews on social justice issues in Chicago using a root cause perspective.
  • Develop and strengthen a dynamic understanding of Jewish identity and tradition.
  • Build community organizing skills and an understanding of allyship and community investment.
  • Develop informed and compassionate young Jewish leaders who value civic engagement.



As a JCUA Organizing Fellow you will:

  • Dive deep into concepts of power, intersectionality, and systemic oppression.
  • Learn the history and building blocks of organizing in Chicago: building people power, developing campaigns, creating effective direct action.
  • Actively participate in JCUA’s current campaign work – check out the rest of our website for info about the issues we currently work on!
  • Build Jewish social justice community with young people from across the Chicago area & strengthen leadership and allyship skills for the future.

    Sample Schedule

Organizing Locally

We are seeking Fellows who are invested in making change happen on a local level. While we will explore concepts of privilege, power, and oppression that can be applied to any issue, the skill building and engagement in real social action will happen in Chicago’s diverse communities. Fellows will be expected to help mobilize their peers to work on Chicago-specific campaigns, addressing issues such as police accountability, domestic workers’ rights, immigrant & refugee rights, and access to trauma care & preventative anti-violence services (please visit the rest of JCUA’s website for up to date information on our current campaigns). Whether a Fellow is a native of the city or not, we are looking for those who can speak to their interest in solving local problems and building strong relationships with communities across Chicago.

Organizing Jewishly

At JCUA, we believe our Jewish history of slavery and liberation gives us a responsibility to undermine oppression wherever we meet it. Jewish text also implores us to see oppression as a structural problem. While charitable giving for those in need is always necessary, it is our job to dismantle the policies that are chronically creating that need. We must always ask, “what is the root cause of this problem?”

In the Fellowship, we will consult and reflect upon Jewish tradition, text, and our own organizing history into our learning. As a part of the program, JCUA Fellows will be welcomed into a cohort of engaged students interested in exploring how their values can better feed their justice work. Jewish values and history will always serve as the foundation and backbone of what we do.