Wondering what it’s like to participate in JCUA’s organizing fellowship for young Jewish leaders? Here’s what some of our recent participants have to say about the program:

“After participating in the JCUA organizing fellowship, I have finally found a Jewish community that walks the walk in living the Jewish commitment to justice and allyship. The relationships and organizing skills we developed through workshops and involvement in JCUA’s campaigns will stay with me long after this fellowship and have propelled me to become further involved in the work of making Chicago a more equitable city.” – Jess Schwalb

“The JCUA fellowship taught me what an amazing, inclusive social justice community in Chicago looks like and energized me to incorporate community organizing in my life after college.” – Andie Linker

“The fellowship helped me feel less like an outsider, an imposter, coming in to fight for justice in Chicago, as an out of state college student. Through the fellowship I learned more about the city and state issues, how they are affecting people directly, how they came to be, how they are sustained systemically, what is already being done about it, and where I can contribute” – Jackie Saepoff

“I feel highly informed about Chicago’s politics and can identify the root causes of racial and economic injustice in this city and the ways to combat them strategically. I feel connected to a Jewish community that is passionate about building deep supportive relationships within the community and with our allies.” – Julie Wernick

“This fellowship has truly changed the ways in which I am able to call Chicago home. I am both much prouder of this city, knowing how many incredible people there are fighting for change, and I am much angrier at the city, and far readier to continue that fight myself.” – Ruth Landis

“Before this program, I was unsure how to combine my passions for Judaism and social justice with my interest in engaging with the city of Chicago. This fellowship allowed me to do all of that and more! I feel more connected to my Judaism, and I also feel as though I’ve found a strong, passionate Jewish community that I want to engage with going forward.” – Sarah Kollender

“I joined this program with the passion and desire to change my community, and I leave this program with the skills and initiative necessary to do so. There was never a moment in this Fellowship that I was not happy to be a part of it. I learned so much from working with JCUA and foresee my involvement with JCUA continuing for as long as I live in Chicago.” – Emily Piff