Pursue Justice With Your Year End Gift to JCUA

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What does it mean to pursue social justice with JCUA through a Jewish lens? We asked this question to our staff, board, and 1,800 members and you answered.

I pursue justice with JCUA because…


… my father taught me we share responsibility for one another, and I want my son to learn the same.

– Hannah W., JCUA Staff

…my grandparents and great grandparents immigrated to the United States to escape religious persecution.

– David L., JCUA Board Member

…I love JCUA’s strong community of Jews who show up for movements for immigrants and communities of color.

– Elisa R., JCUA Member & Campaign Leader

…my children are seen as a threat.

– Cydney W., JCUA Member & Campaign Leader


Whether it’s your Jewish values that draw you to this work, your children, your family tradition, a desire to strengthen your community, a passion for combatting inequality, or your personal story of marginalization, we invite you to join us to pursue social justice with JCUA. 

Our campaigns to lift up the dignity and humanity of people targeted by unjust immigration policies and the lack of police accountability are growing and we need your support! Please make an end of year gift to help JCUA continue the crucial and urgent work of advancing meaningful social change for all Chicagoans and beyond.


Judy Levey                     Jeff Zaluda
Executive Director       Board President