Strengthened In Our Resolve

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JCUA’s Response to Violence in Charlottesville

At an interfaith vigil yesterday afternoon, JCUA joined religious leaders and people of all denominations to show our solidarity in the wake of the horrific, racist, and antisemitic events thats unfolded in Charlottesville.

We mourn for all those affected by this tragedy, and at the same time this past weekend has reinforced and intensified our resolve to pursue justice. Judy Levey, JCUA Executive Director, offered the following reflection and prayer:

JCUA Executive Director Judy Levey speaks at Interfaith Vigil for Charlottesville.

We are sickened and outraged by the fire storm of racism, antisemitism and fascism that has been unleashed in this country, and given way too much oxygen in Charlottesville over the weekend. And we condemn the government leaders who have allowed this ugly sentiment to fester unchecked.

Our hearts are with the family of Heather Heyer who died tragically, a victim of hate, and all those who were injured, doing the right thing, standing up for what is right and good and just. There is no doubt in my mind that the steady day-in day-out work of people like them, like all of you here today, and millions more in Chicago and beyond will outperform those who foster hate.

My prayer for today is twofold. For all those who are driven to violence, those who are blinded by fear and hate, may you come to see the humanity we all share, and the value and sanctity of every human life.

And for those of us already on the right side of history – the side that stands for love, diversity, righteousness, and justice – let us remain energized, activated, together, and strong. Let us also make sure we find joy in our families, children, and friends during this challenging time, but let us not grow complacent or numb. Let us lean on our faith traditions to help us be resilient and powerful as we pursue Chesed – lovingkindness, and Tzedek – righteousness. Amen.