As JCUA celebrates the holiday of Sukkot — which commemorates the Jews’ wandering through the Sinai desert — we’re pleased to announce an 18-day fundraising campaign with the Bring Chicago Home coalition.

For any donation you make to JCUA until October 8, half of your contribution will be delivered to Bring Chicago Home to fund its critical fight to end homelessness in Chicago. Donate now!

More than 86,000 people in Chicago are experiencing homelessness. While many reside in shelters, many more are forced to double up, couch surf, relocate, and find other ways to stay off the streets. Poor, BIPOC and other marginalized Chicagoans are struggling, and rising rent prices and job losses from COVID-19 have only intensified the crisis.

Thankfully, we have an effective way forward. Together with a coalition of community organizations from across the city, JCUA is working to win the Bring Chicago Home campaign, which will address Chicago’s housing crisis by creating a dedicated revenue stream for permanent supportive housing — the proven solution to homelessness — using money generated from a progressive Real Estate Transfer Tax. Learn more about BCH’s proposal.

This campaign will require organized people to canvas across the city, meet with legislators, and much more; AND organized money to fund an operation that can win. In the spirit of remembrance and justice that characterizes Sukkot, we ask that you please support JCUA and BCH as we work to ensure that all Chicagoans have access to safe and affordable housing.

Donate here.