Tell Your Alderman to Support the GAPA Community Commission Ordinance

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The Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability ordinance for a Community Commission will be introduced at the March 28th City Council meeting. This ordinance will give communities a meaningful role in shaping police policy and holding leaders accountable.

Call your alderman THIS week to let them know we need them to support and co-sponsor the ordinance!

STEP 1: Look up your alderman
STEP 2: Find their contact info
STEP 3: Use these email/call scripts (dependant on your alderman)
STEP 4: Fill out JCUA‘s Report Back Form

This ordinance for a Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability can implement historic reforms that will transform the relationship between CPD and Chicago’s diverse communities. Make your call today!

Questions? Contact Avra Shapiro.

For more info on the ordinance please check out this
Chicago Tribune Editorial on the proposal and the GAPA report.