ECPS Ordinance

The passage of the ordinance launches an exciting new chapter for public safety in Chicago, where the community is at the center for the first time ever.

ECPS creates 1) District Councils in each of Chicago’s 22 police districts, where three elected residents will work to ensure public safety at the local level; and 2) a city-wide Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability that will decide CPD policy, establish public safety goals, and play a central role in selecting police leadership.

District Councils

District Councils are coming soon to each of Chicago’s 22 police districts! They will be led by three elected leaders chosen in the 2023 municipal elections. Anyone can participate in District Council work, and the more people participate, the more effective the District Councils will be. District Council members serve four-year terms, and will have take on important key roles:

  • Serve as the eyes and ears of the community. If you encounter an issue with policing and public safety in your neighborhood, you can come to District Council members who will help you address them.

  • Hold monthly public meetings, where residents can work on local initiatives rooted in community concerns and priorities. District Council members can raise and work to address concerns about policing in the district, and increase accountability and transparency.

  • Collaborate in the development and implementation of new safety initiatives, including restorative justice practices and community alternatives to policing.

  • Get input on police department policies and practices.

  • Ensure that the city-wide Commission gets input from the community, so that the Commission’s work is based on what people in neighborhoods across the city are concerned about.

  • Nominate members of the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability. Anyone who serves on the Community Commission must first have the support of elected District Council members.


Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability

The Community Commission is a seven-member body, nominated by District Council members, nominated by the Mayor, and confirmed by City Council. Commissioners serve four-year terms and have several key powers:

  • Play a central role in selecting and removing the Police Superintendent, COPA Chief Administrator, and Police Board members. No one will be selected for one of these positions without the Commission’s support.

  • Set CPD, COPA, and Police Board policy. This will ensure that policies are rooted in expert knowledge about best practices, and grounded in community values and needs.

  • Establish goals and evaluate progress for CPD, COPA, and the Police Board. This will ensure that public safety leaders are truly accountable to the community.

  • Identify, recommend, preventative, proactive, community-based, and evidence-based solutions to violence, including non-policing alternatives.

  • Promote community engagement and transparency, and make CPD budget recommendations before City Council votes on the budget.