Immigration Justice

JCUA is organizing with our immigrant partners to ensure Chicago and Illinois remain welcoming places for all people — no matter where you come from.

Since its creation, the U.S. immigration system has restricted who has access to the privileges of citizenship through racist policies and violence. As Jews, we believe that welcoming the stranger is a sacred responsibility and freedom of movement is a human right. Many of us come from families who immigrated to this country seeking safety or are immigrants ourselves. Together, we will move away from an immigration system built on white supremacy, and we will fight for a world where everyone has everything we need to flourish — no matter where we come from.

JCUA organizes for immigration justice in coalition with partners across the state. We participate in campaigns led by directly impacted communities, to ensure Chicago and Illinois remain truly welcoming places for all people. This involves work at the city level and at the state-level, where we and our partners in the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights advocate for lawmakers to protect and support immigrant communities.

To learn more, email Community Organizer Becca Lubow ( or sign up to receive updates on our immigration justice work.

ICIRR 2024 Policy Platform

JCUA and our partners in the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) are advocating for a robust immigration agenda in 2024

Past Campaigns

Learn more about JCUA’s past work collaborating with ICIRR on their campaigns and the successes we’ve had statewide, including huge wins to make Illinois a truly welcoming and safe place for immigrants and refugees.