Past Immigration Campaigns

2022 Legislative Wins

  • Earned income tax credit expansion: Over one million Illinois residents became eligible for the credit, including those who file taxes with an ITIN  and workers aged 18-24 and 65+. 
  • Immigration legal assistance task force: The General Assembly passed the Right to Counsel in Immigrant Proceedings Act, creating a task force to provide recommendations for how the state can move toward providing legal representation for all Illinoisans facing deportation
  • Medicaid coverage expansion to noncitizens aged 42 and up, regardless of immigration status

2021 Campaigns

  • Illinois Way Forward (SB 667): Huge win! 
    • Banned cooperation between law enforcement and ICE
    • Ended public and private immigration detention in Illinois
  • Hospital Accountability (SB 1840): increased healthcare equity through lowered costs for low-income and uninsured individuals
  • Medicaid expansion: Extended medical coverage for noncitizens age 55 to 64, regardless of immigration status
  • Immigrant Services Line Item funding increase: 
    • New Americans Initiative – $8 million  ($3 million increase)
    • Immigrant Family Resource Program – $6 million  ($1 million increase)
    • Immigrant Family Support Project – $30 million  ($10 million increase)

Other past campaigns include

  • Campaign for a Welcoming IL: ICIRR convened a coalition of over 85 organizations for a multi-year campaign to pass proactive legislation
  • Amendments to the Welcoming City Ordinance
  • Keep Illinois Families Together Act
  • VOICES Act: Streamlined the U visa and T visa process.
  • Safe Zones Act: Protected against ICE arrests at courthouses, schools, hospitals and other sensitive locations.