Past Campaigns

2023 Legislative Wins (read more)

  • Immigrant Services Line Item: $38 million allocated for the Immigrant Services Line Item, which includes essential public benefits assistance; necessary cash assistance for immigrant families; citizenship and DACA application assistance; and ongoing case management support for Afghan, Ukrainian, and southern border arrivals.
  • Driver’s Licenses and State IDs for ALL (HB 3882): HB 3882, Driver’s Licenses and State IDs for ALL (lead sponsors: Rep. Barbara Hernandez & Sen. Ram Villivalam), will make standard driver’s licenses and state IDs available for all Illinois residents, regardless of immigration status. On June 30, 2023, Governor Prtizker signed HB 3882 into law. HB 3882 will go into effect on July 1, 2024.
  • Protect Illinoisans from Unfair Medical Debt (HB 2719): HB 2719, Protect Illinoisans from Unfair Medical Debt (lead sponsors: Rep. Dagmara Avelar & Sen. Robert Peters), will prevent medical debt by requiring that uninsured community members be screened for eligibility for healthcare programs or financial assistance. On July 28, 2023, Governor Pritzker signed HB 2719 into law. HB 2719 will go into effect on January 1, 2024.

2022 Legislative Wins

  • Earned income tax credit expansion: Over one million Illinois residents became eligible for the credit, including those who file taxes with an ITIN  and workers aged 18-24 and 65+
  • Immigration legal assistance task force: The General Assembly passed the Right to Counsel in Immigrant Proceedings Act, creating a task force to provide recommendations for how the state can move toward providing legal representation for all Illinoisans facing deportation.
  • Medicaid coverage expansion to noncitizens aged 42 and up, regardless of immigration status.

2021 Legislative Wins

  • Illinois Way Forward (SB 667): Huge win! 
    • Banned cooperation between law enforcement and ICE
    • Ended public and private immigration detention in Illinois
  • Hospital Accountability (SB 1840): increased healthcare equity through lowered costs for low-income and uninsured individuals
  • Medicaid expansion: Extended medical coverage for noncitizens age 55 to 64, regardless of immigration status
  • Immigrant Services Line Item funding increase: 
    • New Americans Initiative – $8 million  ($3 million increase)
    • Immigrant Family Resource Program – $6 million  ($1 million increase)
    • Immigrant Family Support Project – $30 million  ($10 million increase)

Other past campaigns include

  • Campaign for a Welcoming IL: ICIRR convened a coalition of over 85 organizations for a multi-year campaign to pass proactive legislation
  • Amendments to the Welcoming City Ordinance
  • Keep Illinois Families Together Act
  • VOICES Act: Streamlined the U visa and T visa process.
  • Safe Zones Act: Protected against ICE arrests at courthouses, schools, hospitals and other sensitive locations.