Youth Program Updates – April 2018

Categories: JCUA Project and Campaign Endorsements, Or Tzedek / Teen Program, Youth Programs

Are you a young person passionate about organizing your community?
Interested in connecting Jewish values to concrete action for social justice? 

In a recent blog post, Manager of Youth Programs Hannah Arwe said,
“We don’t only need social justice in the moment, when we feel it in our gut. We need it always, and every day, for a very long time…Will you go all out in this one instance until the media dies down? Or will you also organize your community and work together, strategize, learn, build skills and grow your network so that the world as you want it to be becomes your reality?”

Through the Or Tzedek Teen Institute for Social Justice and the JCUA Organizing FellowshipJCUA is training young leaders to be a part of the Jewish voice for social justice. Will you join us?