Combating Antisemitism

JCUA brings together Jews and our allies to combat antisemitism through education, training, and collective action.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I?” —Rabbi Hillel (Pirke Avot 1:14)

Since JCUA’s founding in the 1960s, the work to combat antisemitism has been a central part of our mission. Rabbi Robert J. Marx understood that the path to safety for the Jewish community was through solidarity, not isolation, that freedom and safety for any of us depended on the freedom and safety of all of us.

For nearly sixty years, JCUA has developed strong and enduring relationships between Jews and our diverse neighbors. We come together across lines of difference, learn about each other’s experiences, and fight for each other’s safety and wellbeing. Today, in the face of rising antisemitism and a white nationalist movement that threatens the safety of Jews and many other communities, we must stay in close relationship and provide one another with training, education, and support.

JCUA offers our members and partners opportunities for political education around antisemitism throughout the year. Our team of members and staff have collaborated to develop the curriculum for JCUA’s annual Intersections of Antisemitism & White Supremacy training, which includes modules about the history of antisemitism; the connections between antisemitism and white nationalism; internalized antisemitism; addressing antisemitism in our movements and spaces; and experiences of white supremacy by Jews of Color. Our training builds off and adapts the ideas of many thinkers and organizations, including our partners in the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable and Collaborative for Jewish Organizing.

We are planning to expand our training offerings in 2023. If you’re a community member or partner organization interested in learning more about JCUA’s antisemitism work, please sign up for updates or contact Community Organizer Becca Lubow: (

Resources on Antisemitism

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