New Scholarships for Or Tzedek Teen Institute for Social Justice

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Dear JCUA Friends and Supporters, I am writing to you with a special Or Tzedek opportunity. In an effort to broaden our base of teens we have secured new funds to cover tuition. We are training a diverse community of teens interested in organizing for meaningul social change, and we want to make sure everyone can access our tools and resources. It has been …

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Youth Program Updates – April 2018

Categories: JCUA Project and Campaign Endorsements, Or Tzedek / Teen Program, Youth Programs
Are you a young person passionate about organizing your community? Interested in connecting Jewish values to concrete action for social justice?  In a recent blog post, Manager of Youth Programs Hannah Arwe said, “We don’t only need social justice in the moment, when we feel it in our gut. We need it always, and every …

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No Registries in Illinois!

Categories: Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform, JCUA Campaigns
Call Your State Senators to Say “No Registries in Illinois!” Federal officials have been openly discussing a registry program for people of certain faiths and national origins (specifically Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Americans), and has sought to outright ban travelers and immigrants from certain countries based largely on the predominant religion in those countries. …

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