Introducing a new Board member

We’re delighted to welcome Emily Rapport to our Board of Directors. Emily has been a JCUA member since 2017, having participated in the Community Safety Committee, White Racial Justice Working Group, and more. (You can see here how Emily played a role in our ECPS victory!)

Emily grew up in Bexley, Ohio. She works as a software engineer at Adobe, where she develops video and audio features for Adobe Express. Emily is a builder at Mishkan Chicago, and in her free time, she enjoys attending theatre and concerts, reading novels, and playing tennis.

“Being a member of JCUA has enhanced my life in many ways,” Emily said. “It has connected me to an amazing community, increased my sense of personal investment in the city of Chicago, and given me concrete ways to live out my values. I’m honored to help serve and steward this organization that means so much to me.”