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JCUA stays busy! Join us for an upcoming committee meeting, training, special event, coalition gathering, and more.

Ometz Lev Sukkot Lunch

Sukkah in Evanston

Ometz Lev is JCUA's affinity space for those of us who have faced financial or structural barriers to participation in Jewish communal or ritual life. We are committed to channeling our personal stake in housing and economic justice issues into a more just world for everyone and a more inclusive Jewish community. Join us on Sunday October […]

Money Talks: Paying for Education


Money Talks is the Housing & Economic Justice Committee's learning group about all things class, wealth, and economic justice. Boo! It's spooky season and we're talking about the spookiest thing of all: paying for education. What's the deal with student loans? Loan forgiveness? Financial aid packages that require you to work? All this and more, hosted by current […]