Victory! CCPSA votes to end gang database

JCUA and our Erase the Gang Database coalition have been organizing for years to end the use of the racistineffective, and error-ridden Chicago gang database. Finally, we’ve won!

On Thursday, September 7th, the members of the Community Commission for Public Safety & Accountability (CCPSA) — the civilian oversight board we fought to create through ECPS — leveled a decisive blow to the gang database as we know it.

“The goal is to formally put an end to the gang database and put some guardrails up so that something like that never happens again,” said CCPSA President Anthony Driver.

Community groups across Chicago have led the movement to erase the database. With our ECPS victory in 2021, we shifted policymaking power to a civilian commission who has the authority to approve, shape, or reject CPD policy.

Last night, CCPSA wielded its power for the people!

We are eager to continue working alongside our partners to ensure safety and justice for all Chicagoans, through campaigns including Treatment Not TraumaBring Chicago HomeStop ShotSpotterPeaceBook, and more.